Guidelines / Instructions for contributors

Sign-Alert-iconThe ACC JOURNAL is an international scientific journal which came into existence in 2009. It is published by the Technical University of Liberec. Four universities joined in the Academic Coordination Centre Nisa (ACC) participate in its production. There are usually three issues per year.

The ACC JOURNAL is a periodical publishing original reviewed scientific papers, scientific studies, papers presented at conferences and summaries of findings of research projects. The first issue contains contributions focused on natural sciences and technology, the second one is focused on the science of economics, and the third one on social sciences.

ACC JOURNAL is a reviewed one. It is building upon the tradition of the "Scientific Treaties" published between 1995 and 2008. The ACC JOURNAL has been indexed in the database of the Research, Development and Innovation Council since 2015 - list of reviewed non-impact journals published in the Czech Republic.


Submitted papers are to be written in English with German, Polish and Czech abstracts, except for contributions on social sciences, which can be written in one of the Euroregional languages with abstracts in the three remaining languages. The author is responsible for the originality alongside the professional and formal correctness of the article.

Statement of Originality

When submitting a contribution for publication in the ACC Journal, the author will enclose a statement confirming that the text is an original article which has not been submitted for publication to any other publisher. The text of the statement can be downloaded in DOCX format.


The articles are published as Open Access. All articles are freely available to read, download, copy and print. If the author of the article inserts any materials which do not have a copyright, they must obtain (on their own) a written permission from the copyright owner before publishing the article in the magazine. The author publishing in ACC JOURNAL grants the magazine a license to publish the article at the very time when the contribution is accepted, based on the recommendation of the review process.
Downloading articles from ACC JOURNAL is permitted for non-commercial purposes. For commercial use, permission from the editor is requested.

The publisher applies the license CC BY-NC 4.0. The author of the article is the copyright owner and guarantees the journal´s publisher rights to the article in terms of the license CC BY-NC 4.0.

Instructions for Authors

The rules for writing contributions, styles and fonts are defined by a template which can be downloaded in DOCX format. In the case of the author not complying with the instructions, the editors reserve the right to return the article for readjustment.
Published papers are divided into two categories:

  1. Original research articles, and
  2. Miscellanea, e.g. review studies, conference reports, etc.

Papers published in the category a) must contain the following parts:

  • Introduction (see the template) which must contain the review of already published research regarding the presented topic together with references to literature, and may contain e.g. information about the research team, the origin of the research, etc.,
  • Research Objectives or Research Subject as a separate chapter,
  • Research Methods as s separate chapter,
  • Conclusion (see the template).

Parts required in both a) and b) categories of the papers are stated in our template.


Authors are not expected to pay a publication charge.

Review of the Papers

The international editorial board will decide for or against publishing the article on the basis of two independent reviews written by members of the Scientific Panel comprised of the ACC JOURNAL team of reviewers. The review process is double-blind (double blind peer review) and they always work for another institution than the author/s. The author will be informed about the editorial board's decision in writing.

Submitting Articles

Articles in the DOCX format are to be sent electronically to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Deadlines for Submission of Articles
  • 31 March. Issue A, Natural Sciences and Technology,
  • 15 June. Issue B, Science of Economics,
  • 31 October. Issue C, Social Sciences.

This up-to-date information and the Guidelines for the Authors come into force on January 1, 2015 for the number 1/2015, Issue A, Natural Sciences and Technology.