The Academic Coordination Centre ACC came into existence in 1991 to coordinate the educational, scientific and research activities of pedagogical and specialist staff of the universities working in the territory of the Czech-German-Polish border, at the Euroregion Neisse.

Partner universities with the ACC:


The principal goal of the ACC is to promote and coordinate the European university education policy and philosophy, as formulated in the Bologna Declaration; mainly with focus on international scientific and research activities in the Euroregion Neisse.

Through the ACC Journal, experts can share and exchange information on research results accomplished. By organizing student symposia, seminars, workshops and competitions, we will motivate students to apply a creative attitude to solving scientific problems. Via particpation in such activities, a transfer of multilingual and intercultural competence is achieved and mobility of students and educators in increased.

The success in the above mentioned objectives is conditioned by developing a corresponding expert, material and cultural background. Therefore through the mediation of the coordinators and other associates, the ACC also concentrates on the cooperation of universities with municipal and entrepreneurial spheres in the Euroregion Neisse. Via cooperation with these institutions, the ACC participates in various research and scientific projects, which are to reduce the brain drain from the Euroregion Nisa.

Bodies of the ACC

  • Presidium

    It is the top body body, at the head of which there is the President. Memebers are representatives of all partner HEIs united in the ACC, or their deputies and further members with an advisory vote.


    deProf. Dr. rer. pol. habil. Thorsten Claus | Direktor Technische Universität Dresden/IHI Zittau | 


    czdoc. RNDr. Miroslav Brzezina, CSc. - rektor | Technická univerzita v Liberci |  

    Memeber with a Decisive Voice

    czdoc. RNDr. Miroslav Brzezina, CSc. - rektor | Technická univerzita v Liberci |  
    deprof. Ing. Pavel Mokrý, Ph. D. -  prorektor | Trechnická univerzita v Liberci |  
    plprof. UE dr hab. Grażyna Węgrzyn | Universitet Ekonomiczny we Wrocławiu | Filia w Jeleniej Górze |  
    deprof. dr hab. Marian Ursel - rektor | Karkonoska Państwowa Szkoła Wyższa w Jeleniej Górze | 
    dedr inż. Maciej Pawłowski - děkan | Politechnika Wrocławska, Filia w Jeleniej Górze | 
    deProf. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Kratzsch - rektor | Hochschule Zittau / Görlitz | 
    deProf. Dr. habil. Thorsten Claus - ředitel | Technische Universität Dresden/IHI | 

    Member with an Advisory Voice

    dedr Piotr Gryszel - koordinátor ACC Universitet Ekonomiczny we Wrocławiu | Filia w Jeleniej Górze | 
    dePaedDr. Helena Neumannová, Ph.D. - koordinátorka ACC | Technická univerzita v Liberci |  
    deTobias Schlüter - koordinátor ACC | Hochschule Zittau /Görlitz | 

  • Editorial Board

    Editor in Chief

    ar prof. Ing. Pavel Mokrý, Ph.D. | Technische Universität Liberec, Institut für Mechatronik u. Technische Informatik |

    Assistant editor of Chief

    ar prof. Ing.  Miroslav Žižka, Ph.D. | Technische Universität Liberec, Ökonomische Fakultät |  


    arPaedDr. Hana Andrášová, Ph.D. | Jihočeská univerzita v Českých Budějovicích, Pedagogická fakulta |  
    ardoc. PhDr. Tomáš Kasper, Ph.D. | Technická univerzita v Liberci, Fakulta přírodovědně - humanitní a pedagogická | 
    arprof. Ing. Jiří Militký, CSc. | Technická univerzita v Liberci, Fakulta textilní | 
    ardoc. Ing. Iva Petríková, Ph.D. | Technická univerzita v Liberci, Fakulta strojní | 
    ardoc. Dr. Ing. Miroslav Plevný | Západočeská univerzita v Plzni, Fakulta ekonomická | 
    ardoc. Ing. Petr Šidlof, Ph.D. | Technická univerzita v Liberci, Fakulta mechatroniky | 
    arDr. Eckhard Burkatzki | TU Dresden/IHI Zittau, Katedra sociálních věd | 
    arProf. Dr.- Ing. Frank Hentschel | Hochschule Zittau / Görlitz, Katedra strojírenství | 
    ar Prof. Dr. phil. PhDr. (MU Brno) Annette Muschner | Hochschule Zittau / Görlitz, Fakulta managementu a kulturních věd | 
    ar dr Piotr Gryszel | Universitet Ekonomiczny we Wrocławiu, Katedra Marketingu i Zarządzania Gospodarką Turystyczną | 
    ar prof. UE dr hab. Elżbieta Sobczak | Universitet Ekonomiczny we Wrocławiu, Filia w Jeleniej Górze | 
    ar prof. UE dr hab. Grażyna Węgrzyn | Universitet Ekonomiczny we Wrocławiu, Filia w Jeleniej Górze | 


(c) ACC - The Academic Coordination Centre in Euroregion Nisa

The project was cofinanced from the ERDF via the Euroregion Nisa.
The Fund of microprojects within the Cross-Border Cooperation Programmes 2007-2013 Priority 3 (CR-Poland) in the Euroregion Nisa CZ.3.22/3.3.01/09.01212