Index Copernicus International

ACC JOURNAL is a reviewed one. It is building upon the tradition of the "Scientific Treaties" published between 1995 and 2008. The ACC JOURNAL is in the database of the Research and Development Council since 2015 (List of reviewed non-impact journals published in the Czech Republic) recorded and evaluated in the Information Register of R&D results. Simultaneously, it has been also included in the international database Index Copernicus International.

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(c) ACC - The Academic Coordination Centre in Euroregion Nisa

The project was cofinanced from the ERDF via the Euroregion Nisa.
The Fund of microprojects within the Cross-Border Cooperation Programmes 2007-2013 Priority 3 (CR-Poland) in the Euroregion Nisa CZ.3.22/3.3.01/09.01212